KALM des FUCKDOWN with Kava

Salted Boards | Kalm with Kava

Nothing beats kicking back after a surf with a beer. However unlike beer, Kava relaxes you without impairing your mental capability.  I’ve been writing this review while consuming my first ever Kalm with Kava and I’m feeling pretty relaxed.  Almost like sitting in a soft cotton bubble.

Consumed throughout the South Pacific to produce a sedative and anesthetic feeling, it’s traditionally prepared by either chewing, grinding or pounding the roots of the Kava plant.

Unfortunately, Kava usually tastes like dishwater. Most Kava supplement companies combine kava with coconut water to make the flavour more palatable. For me, coconut water pretty much tastes like dishwater anyway, so that merely compounds the less than desirable flavour.

Kalm have rectified that issue by blending kava with guava, passion fruit and orange juice, to create a super tasty and very thirst quenching “relaxation supplement”.  Apparently if I’m really stressed I should double dose… so I did. Despite the label warning against mixing Kalm with Kava and alcohol, I mixed up a killer cocktail and blissed out my Sunday afternoon.

30ml Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Squeeze of lime

150ml of Kalm with Kava

Ice and shake


At present you can only order Kalm online. About $18 for a 6 pack + some shipping costs.

Salted Boards | Kalm with Kava




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